Apricot Topping - 64oz


Made with dried Blenheim apricots, this topping has a delicious, intense apricot flavor.  Pour it over your pancakes, waffles, ice cream or mix with yogurt, smoothie or even a margarita!  

64 oz.

DRIED APRICOT TOPPING INGREDIENTS: water, sugar, dried Blenheim apricots (sulfur added), pectin, lemon juice concentrate

DRIED APRICOT TOPPING NUTRITION (1 Tablespoon): 30 calories, Total carbs: 8 g, 5%, Sugar 8 g, Vit. A 3%, Vit C 1%

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, so we use only enough sulfur to maintain color and juicy freshness. Unsulfured dried apricots are available by request.

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