Golden Slice - Extra Choice Dried Apricots


These Blenheim apricots are picked at the first stage of ripeness and sun-dried here in our California orchards. They are more tart in flavor, smaller in size and full of rich apricot flavor This snack is perfect for day trips, baseball games, and for cooking.

Available in 1 lb. & 4 lb. resealable bags

Made with sun-dried Blenheim apricots. No sugar added dried fruit!

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Blenheim Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. 

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Height 8.00
Weight 1.70 LBS
Depth 3.00
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I have been buying these delicious apricots for my daughter and other family members for decades! I order 24 lbs. at a time and they keep perfectly for months in my extra refrigerator. They are wonderful, nutritious snacks and make an out-of-this-world pie! We just can't be without them!
Posted by Bonita Pack, 20th Oct 2022


The best apricots any where and not the Turkish fat ones. Flavor like when i was a kid ( with Noah on the boat). Glad I finally found them and a 4 pound bag is always in stock. Thanks Gary
Posted by Gary King, 21st Sep 2022


Excellent product shipped correctly & quickly.
Posted by Andrea, 31st Aug 2022

dried slabs

excellent as usual
Posted by Paul Frelier, 27th Jun 2022

Delicous Sweet Appricots

These apricots are deeelicious! Sweet! My neighbor, who is an excellent baker, is going to make apricot tart with some of these very sweet apricots. Can't wait to taste her tart!
Posted by Peggy, 14th Jun 2022


These are the best! You have not had apricots until you have had B&R
Posted by James Parker, 6th Jun 2022

B & R Blenheim Apricots

These are the best apricots in the world!!! And B & R's are EXCELLENT! Just soft enough with that great tangy taste!
Posted by Amoret Heise, 30th May 2022

Golden Slice apricots

This is my first time for this type dried apricots; the others have been slabs. As delicious as the slabs were, I was a bit leery to try something different. However, I was pleasantly surprised. These apricots are soft and moist, and at least as tasty as the slabs. Yummy as a snack or in a fruit or veggie salad, on oatmeal, or on a celery stalk with peanut butter and apricots packed into the groove.
Posted by Birgit Moxon, 17th May 2022


I just ordered some even though I still had some because they were on sale. I always want to have them in the house; eat a few every day. They are so good!
Posted by Barbara Sullivan, 13th May 2022