Our Story


Our mission - As one of the leading growers and producers of Blenheim Apricots, we strive to deliver quality products to our customers with exceptional service.  With years of experience and passion which  is all made possible with a devoted staff that is committed to working together as a team.

B & R Farms, LLC is a fourth-generation family-operated business that started in 1929 and is now owned and operated by third generation Jim Rossi and his wife Mari. B & R Farms grows processes and dries Blenheim apricots from their 100+ acre farm in Hollister, California. The Blenheim variety of apricots is known to be the most flavorful with its beautiful deep orange color, velvety thin skin and delicious flavor. Once called a "disappearing delicacy" by California Bountiful Magazine, the Blenheim apricot has become a niche market crop with a growing demand. The California Blenheim Apricot, also known as the Royal Blenheim, is the gold standard of the Apricot family and The Rossi Family are the pioneers of farming and processing this variety in San Benito County California. Their heirloom apricot trees produce a quality of texture and flavor unrivaled by other varieties both domestic and imported. 

The history of the Rossi family farm has spanned more than 85 years and their family has built an enterprise that their founder would be very proud of. All the dried apricots processed and sold by B & R Farms are grown in their own orchards along with select contract farmers. These partnerships are based on an agreement of expectations and quality using techniques and practices developed by B & R Farms. We have harmonious management-farmer relationships with our growers and have developed partnerships of growth.  Routine analysis on crop yields is carried out and a forecast is set to ensure that current and future production on quality and consistency is met along with production reliability.  B & R Farms continually look for way to improve their fruit quality both in their drying methods and the packaging of their products.  Orchard management and harvesting is closely monitored by B & R and all processing including grading, sorting, packaging and cool storage is performed at their Hollister facility.  

During this time, they have also successfully entered the e-commerce retail market with expanded offerings including sweet and savory jarred products.  All their products showcase and highlight the intense flavor of their dried apricots. In addition to offering various grades of dried Blenheim’s, they also produce a line of sweet and savory jarred products including spreads, toppings and chutneys using time-tested family recipes.  

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit B & R Farms. We love hosting you and hope you might even come on out to Hollister for a visit soon!