​It’s Blenheim Season!

Yes, it is that time of year again where the Blenheim Apricots are ripe for picking! Even though the season for these delicate little beauties is rather short, B&R Farms is working at full force to bring our consumers the best of the best.

Whenever we get the chance to connect with our customers, we are always asked the same question – “what makes Blenheim Apricots so special?” Is it the tartness of the skin? Is it the sweetness of the flesh? Is it because they are so delicate that they can only be picked up in store on the farm? Well, all those reasons are true!

More than 91 years ago, this farm started out by selling prunes and walnuts, but the heirloom Blenheim apricots were the real star of the show and have continued to shine bright for all this time.

Come on by the store and pick up some fresh apricots so you can make your very own apricot jamapricot pie, or even an apricot almond tart!