Dark Chocolate Covered Apricot Nibbles


These rich Guittard Dark Chocolate covered dried Blenheim Apricots combine a creamy chocolate and intense apricot flavor that complement each other perfectly. The decadent chocolate generously coats the apricot creating a delicious treat. These addictive chocolate covered apricots are the perfect size to make an easy dessert or beautiful gift! 

Available in  8 oz. and 1 lb. bag  

*Dried apricot products are prepared with Sulfur Dioxide. We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. Unsulfured dried apricots are available by request.

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Height 8.00
Weight 1.75 LBS
Depth 4.00


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chocolate covered apricot

Posted by Marianne Heaton, 4th Mar 2019

Dark Chocolate covered Apricots

So yummy they should be regulated as a controlled substance... Orgasmic.
Posted by Karen Tine, 13th Aug 2018

Best Chocolate Treat

Dark Chocolate and Apricots are an amazing combination. They are so habit forming. I have to limit myself to two a day or my bag would be gone in no time.
Posted by undefined, 26th Feb 2014

dieters beware

OMG; this is the most delicious snack; and healthy for you. Dark chocolate and apricots; what could be better!!!
Posted by undefined, 19th Feb 2014

You Can't Eat Just One!

I promise you ... once you've eaten one of these delicious treats, you'll go back for another ... and another ... and it will be hard to stop before you've eaten the whole bag!! I bought several bags - one for me & additional ones for gifts ... too bad the gift recipients never got a chance to experience these delights. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
Posted by Sue P, 20th Nov 2012

The Best by Test

If you ever come across any chocolate covered apricot better than these, that would be a huge surprise! We started off purchasing these by the 1lb bags and soon had to go with the 5lb boxes. Great healthy snack, for a little picking in between meals...or whatever! We have had both the milk and dark chocolate and they are equally delicious. Warning: extremely moreish. (means you want to eat more and more)
Posted by Chris , 29th Aug 2012