Denise's Apricot Pumpkins


Help the kids make these easy Halloween “pumpkins”!


B & R Farms Dried Apricots Royal Medallions
Frosting- black or dark chocolate
Sandwich bag or decorator bag
Pretzel sticks or licorice whips


Place apricots on a cookie sheet.

To make the pumpkin stem: With adult supervision, poke a small hole in top of “pumpkin” with a toothpick and insert a ½” end piece of a pretzel stick or licorice whip.

To make the pumpkin face: Fill a sandwich bag with frosting, seal bag, pressing out any air bubbles. Using scissors, cut a small hole in a corner of the bag. (Or use a cake decorator bag with a #3-4 tip

Decorating the face- Slowly squeeze the frosting and decorate your using your imagination. Suggestion: Make two triangles for the eyes, one more for the nose and lastly add a half circle or small full circle for the mouth. The ideas are endless and this “pumpkin” is as fun to eat, as it is to make!