Glazed Apricot and Currant Turnovers


1 C all-purpose flour
2 T sugar
1 stick chilled unsalted butter, cut into pieces
4 oz cream cheese, cut into pieces and softened


½ C dried currants
½ C B&R Farms Dried Apricots
1/4 C firmly packed dark brown sugar
1 T flour
1 T softened unsalted butter
1 lg egg yolk
½ t grated lemon rind
1 T fresh lemon juice
1 egg wash made by beating together1 lg egg yolk with 1 T water


1 C confectioner's sugar combine with 2 T water


In a food processor combine the flour, the sugar, and a pinch of salt, add the butter, and blend the mixture until it resembles coarse meal. Add the cream cheese and blend the mixture until it just forms a ball. Quarter the dough and chill it, wrapped in wax paper, for at least 4 hours or overnight.


In a saucepan combine the currants and the apricots with 3/4 cup water, bring the water to a boil, and add the brown sugar, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Knead the flour with the butter, and simmer the mixture, until it is thickened slightly. Transfer the mixture to a bowl, let it cool slightly, and stir in the egg yolk, the lemon rind, and the lemon juice. Let the mixture cool and chill it, covered.

Roll out one fourth of the dough slightly less than 1/8 inch thick on a floured surface and with a floured 4-inch cutter cut out as many rounds as possible. Invert the rounds and with a pastry brush off the excess flour. Brush the edge of each round with the egg wash and mound a heaping teaspoon of the filling in the center of each round. Fold the rounds in half over the filling, pinch the edges together firmly to seal them, and crimp the edges decoratively with the tines of a fork. Arrange the turnovers on a buttered baking sheet. Brush the excess flour from the dough scraps, form the dough into a ball, and chill it, covered until it is firm. Make turnovers in the same manner with the remaining dough. Chill the turnovers for 30 minutes, or until the dough is firm, brush them with the remaining egg wash, and bake them in preheated 425 degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes, or until they are pale golden. Transfer the turnovers with the metal spatula to a rack, drizzle them with the glaze, and let them cool. Transfer the turnovers to portable containers.