Rich Apricot Sorbet


2 C B&R Farms Dried Apricots
2 1/2 C cold water
2 C sugar
1/4 C Amaretto liqueur
1/4 C heavy whipping cream
2 T lemon zest


Place the apricots in a small saucepan and add water to cover by 1 1/2". Simmer uncovered over medium heat until the apricots are quite soft, about 45 minutes.

Drain the apricots and process in a food processor fitted with a steel blade until smooth. With the machine running, gradually pour in 2 1/2 C cold water. Add the sugar, liqueur, cream and lemon zest and process until quite smooth.

Freeze in an ice cream maker, following manufacturer's instructions. Makes about 1 1/2 quarts.