Bonny Royal Slab- 1 lb.


Bonny Royal apricots have a strong, favorable aroma with sweet honey notes.  The texture and balanced sugar contributes to its sweet, tangy, fruity, and floral flavor. The fruit’s skin is smooth, semi-thick, and vibrant yellow-orange, covered in a light layer of velvety fuzz and blushed with shades of red.


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Bonny Slabs

These are so delicious we (two of us) ate an entire box in three days and immediately placed another big order. If you like tender, perfectly sweet and tart with an amazing umami, then these are for you. Go ahead and blame me for your addiction. You’re welcome.
Posted by Candy Barnard, 6th Apr 2022

Dried Slab Cots

So amazingly delicious!! Growing up my father loved the slabs, he said they were more tender and sweeter. These surely are, and I love them!
Posted by Lynne Tellez, 21st Mar 2022

Royal Slab - a true slice of heaven

The perfect combination of sweet and tart without the overall dryness so often seen in these products. Slabs are my favorite and these ones are sublime.
Posted by Carl Caslowitz, 11th Mar 2022

Bonny Royal Slab California Dried Apricots

B & R Farms offers beautiful California Dried Apricots. I especially love the texture and tart bite. Thanks to you from Pennsylvania.
Posted by Andrew Hamann, 4th Feb 2022

best slab apricot

they are the best slab apricot eat them every day.
Posted by Darlene NELSON, 4th Jan 2022

Bonny Royal Slab Apricots

These are the best dried apricots I've found anywhere. I grow Royal Blenheim Apricots so I know how amazing they are. I made Apricot Jam out of your Bonny Royal Slab Apricots and it is as good as what I make from my tree. I highly recommend this product. They are delightful to eat right out of the package as well.
Posted by Tracy Rutherford, 16th Nov 2021