Bonny Royal Slab- 1 lb.


Bonny Royal apricots have a strong, favorable aroma with sweet honey notes.  The texture and balanced sugar contributes to its sweet, tangy, fruity, and floral flavor. The fruit’s skin is smooth, semi-thick, and vibrant yellow-orange, covered in a light layer of velvety fuzz and blushed with shades of red.

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*


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Bonnie Royall Slab

These apricots are the best I've ever had. I have ordered other products from B & R over the years, and they have the best Blenheim Apricots. The Bonnie Royal Slab is my absolute favorite!
Posted by Linda Stoney, 7th Nov 2023

Bonny Royal Slab Apricots

Best Apricots. Wonderfully grown and dried from B & R Farms. Reminds me of Apricots from my childhood. Thank you, B & R Farms.
Posted by Andrew, 7th Aug 2023

Royal slab apricots

These apricots take me back to my childhood when my Mom would splurge on a box of apricots and make apricot pie. of course, there were the leftover apricots to snack on. these are the first apricots that taste like my childhood I am sad that it took so long to find them. My spirit sends good thoughts that you have good weather and great harvests for years to come.
Posted by Gail Grant, 4th May 2023

Sweetest Apricots on the market

I love apricots and have tried many vendors. These are the sweet and most consistent in taste. B&R Farms slab apricots are the best
Posted by Sean, 19th Apr 2023

Bonny Royal Slab Apricots

So delicious! The Bonny Royal does have its own unique taste so be sure to treat yourself along with the Blenheim.
Posted by Bruce E Braun, 18th Apr 2023

Slab Apricots

We were blown away by these! They're delicious, no nasty sulphur aftertaste, soft, and chewy. So nice for a little snack.
Posted by PJ, 25th Mar 2023

Bonny Roya Slab

I've ordered both Golden Slice and Bonny Royal Slab apricots. Both are delicious—better than any bulk or packaged store-bought Apricots in my experience. I have gifted these to my family who have also fallen in love with B&R farms apricots. Highly recommend you try both.
Posted by Jeff B, 20th Feb 2023

Royal slab dried apricots

Tried apricots from all over the world. B& R Farms LLC have the very best
Posted by Steven Peterkort, 2nd Feb 2023

slab apricots

I love these apricots ! The order I just made was sent to my brother who loves them also ! I m 70 years a child this type of apricot was like gold in our each Christmas my brother, sister & I would get a bag of apricots & a bag of pistacho nuts in our stockings...your apricots r just like those of my childhood... I have bought from u for years & my sister does now also !! I wish u still sold the 5# bags so I could get them a litter cheaper... Keep up the good work !!
Posted by KAREN KOSHAK, 30th Jan 2023