Bonny Royal Slab- 1 lb.


Bonny Royal apricots have a strong, favorable aroma with sweet honey notes.  The texture and balanced sugar contributes to its sweet, tangy, fruity, and floral flavor. The fruit’s skin is smooth, semi-thick, and vibrant yellow-orange, covered in a light layer of velvety fuzz and blushed with shades of red.

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*


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slab apricots

I love these apricots ! The order I just made was sent to my brother who loves them also ! I m 70 years a child this type of apricot was like gold in our each Christmas my brother, sister & I would get a bag of apricots & a bag of pistacho nuts in our stockings...your apricots r just like those of my childhood... I have bought from u for years & my sister does now also !! I wish u still sold the 5# bags so I could get them a litter cheaper... Keep up the good work !!
Posted by KAREN KOSHAK, 30th Jan 2023


The best apricots on Planet Earth
Posted by Steven Peterkort, 18th Jan 2023

Slab apricots

These are the best apricots for taste and texture. I use them as snacks and in baking. A favorite!
Posted by Dru Davidson, 17th Jan 2023

slab apricot

awesome product awesome taste
Posted by Daniel Ray Fields, 13th Jan 2023

Bonny Royal Slab Apricots

Absolutely delicious. So fresh, dried perfectly, not too much. Great acidity and tanginess with the sweetness of the apricots. The best I have ever had!
Posted by Beth Novak Milliken, 12th Jan 2023


I wish you had the 4 pound bags of slab apricots. I love them and 1 pound at a time is expensive and gone way too fast.
Posted by April Penera, 10th Dec 2022

Royal Slab apricots

These are the best we have found, reminds me of when I was a child on my grandfather's ranch in Fremont Calif, when we cut and dried all our apricots. So loved those slabs also. Now I know where to find them. Yummy!!
Posted by Connie , 20th Sep 2022

Dried apricots

Posted by Rhea Gross, 20th Sep 2022

Royal Slab

Excellent product with full, rich flavor.
Posted by Charles F Reinhardt, 20th Sep 2022