Sweet Beauties - Slabs Dried Apricots


Our all time best seller! These Blenheim apricots are picked extra ripe for maximum sweetness and sun-dried here in our California orchards. They are are deeper in color, larger in size, and full of rich apricot flavor. Like a fruit leather that varies in shape, this snack is perfect for day trips, baseball games, and for cooking.

Available in 1 lb. & 4 lb. resealable bags and 25 lb. bulk cases.

Made with sun-dried Blenheim apricots. No sugar added dried fruit!

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Blenheim Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. 

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Depth 4.00
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A little expensive but great as always. I have tried cheaper and had to return them because they looked so bad before even trying them! Highly recommend BR Farms.
Posted by Gil Tisue, 6th Nov 2020

Sweet beauties

So delicious tasty apricots best in the world never had anything come close thanks B&R Farms
Posted by Charles A Barron, 8th Oct 2020

Dried apricots

These fruit are so delightful and provide a taste experience not had with typical Mediterranean apricots.
Posted by Carolyn Hunt, 5th Oct 2020

The best ever !

Every year I order 4 lbs of these delicious Blenheim California apricots for gifts. They are far superior to Turkish apricots in every way. I can't say enough good things about their flavor. I can't enjoy any commercially sold inferior tasting fresh apricots since my father's tree quit bearing, but these remind me of his.
Posted by Regina Anne Lira, 5th Oct 2020

dried apricots

They are perfect!
Posted by Martha Hunt, 3rd Oct 2020

B&R Dried Apricots

They are the best! Turkish apricots are OK, but California apricots are the best. I am so glad I found your web site!
Posted by Barbara Sullivan, 22nd Sep 2020

Review Sweet Beauty Slabs

These are perfect for Snacking...I use the Royal Medallions that I also Purchased as Gifts...and People Love Them! California Apricots are Very Rare...As are Companies like B&R Farms!
Posted by Bill Knackert, 21st Sep 2020

slab Blenheim apricots

Love the flavor of the Blenheim apricot. I used to pick and cut to dry them when I was a child. Great to cut up and put in muffins. I get the 4 lb. bags!
Posted by Carol Welch, 10th Sep 2020

Sweet Beauties - Slabs Dried Apricots

These little darlings brought back memories for both my wife and I as to what "dried apricots" tasted like growing up.. She grew up on the west coast and I grew up on the east coast but both recall a flavor like these Blemheim's deliver. Superseded our expectations big time! Thank you so much!
Posted by Neil & Cathy Nicklas, 3rd Sep 2020