Sweet Beauties - Slabs Dried Apricots


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Our all time best seller! These Blenheim apricots are picked extra ripe for maximum sweetness and sun-dried here in our California orchards. They are are deeper in color, larger in size, and full of rich apricot flavor. Like a fruit leather that varies in shape, this snack is perfect for day trips, baseball games, and for cooking.

Available in 1 lb. & 4 lb. resealable bags and 25 lb. bulk cases.

Made with sun-dried Blenheim apricots. No sugar added dried fruit!

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Blenheim Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. Unsulfured dried apricots are available by request. 

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Height 8.00
Weight 1.70 LBS
Depth 4.00


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Dried slab Blenheim apricots

Dried slab Blenheim cots. These are the best! Taste absolutely wonderful and naturally sweet, plus since they are slabs the sizes are varied which is great for my husband and me. I love the smaller size and he likes the larger size so we are both happy. So are our guests that we share them with. They seem especially sweet because they are so ripe.
Posted by Esther McGinty, 18th Feb 2020

Absolutely delicious!!!

I bought the first bag of these delicious apricots intending to bake with them, but couldn’t resist snacking on them before I got around to baking. Time to buy another bag!!! So much more incredible flavor than any other apricots I have bought.
Posted by Carolyn, 10th Feb 2020

Slab Apricots

I am a big fan of the slab apricots because they are so sweet! Big plus they are cheaper than the others! They are a snack for me so I don't mind pulling them apart - the apricot flavor is so intense you know they were tree-ripened. Ban the Turkish ones - they are so blah compared to the real California fruit.
Posted by Karen R., 17th Jan 2020

Blenheim Apricots

None Better! We eat them like candy.
Posted by HL Starr, 17th Jan 2020

Sweet Beauties - Slab Dried Apricots

I rarely do online reviews, but had to comment on these incredible apricots! I wholeheartedly concur with reviewer Wendy, who grew up in Silicon Valley and has fond memories of cutting and drying her own homegrown apricots in Los Altos. Identical memories for me. I remember that the overripe cots that were so soft and difficult to handle with the paring knife ended up being the best eating by far. That's the B&R Sweet Beauties in spades! Perfect combination of sweet and Blenheim tart flavors that's impossible to match. I go through withdrawal when our supply runs out!
Posted by Roger Fouraker, 17th Jan 2020


Great product for snaking
Posted by PeterRowe, 17th Jan 2020

Best dried apricots

I’ve been a fan of dried apricots my entire life and tried many different brands. These are by far the best! If you like dried apricots as much as I do, these are the ones you want-no need to look anywhere else!!
Posted by Chris, 9th Jan 2020


The apricots were a gift for my husband and he absolutely loves them. They are delicious. Thank you.
Posted by Anastasia Jamieson, 3rd Jan 2020

Blenheim apricots

Sublime...Blenheim apricots are a special treat...phenomenal! I love them
Posted by Nicholas Pugliese , 16th Dec 2019