A Thank You To B & R Farms Stellar Team

Behind a business are the faces, skills, and stories of individuals who work together each day toward a common goal.

Here at B & R Farms these folks are truly exceptional. They breathe energy, quality, and happiness into every day on the Farm, and each play a critical part in preserving the legacy of the Blenheim Apricot for our community to enjoy. We cannot think of a better way to kick off March than by showing our appreciation for our team on Employee Appreciation Day. Below are a few of the friendly faces you’ll see and voices you'll hear if you stop by or give us a ring.

To each and every B & R Farms employee, thank you for the heart, talents, and passion that you bring to our family operation.

Debbie C: Store Superhero

Debbie greets and treats every customer as a friend and does a fantastic job of upholding our standards of quality customer service. She never misses a deadline, yet still finds time to lend an extra hand to anyone who needs it. Debbie, I can’t thank you enough for everything you do for this company - knowing I have your support and dedication makes me a better, happier person both at work and at home. - Mari

If you visit us or give us a call, Debbie is likely the first voice you’ll hear. She helps keep our store running smoothly and is always happy to answer questions and help you find the perfect B & R Farms product.

For 3.5 years Debbie has been assisting with Sales and Customer Service on the Farm. She is a Hollister local and loves spending time with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Her favorite thing about being a part of the B & R Farms team is coming to work surrounded by nature and orchards. She LOVES fresh apricots and looks forward to the summer harvest each year. Her favorite product on the shelf is the Red Pepper Topping.

Debbie P: Blenheim Bookkeeping Extraordinaire

When it comes to project management and report creation, Debbie simply excels. She has shown incredible initiative and brought fresh ideas to the B & R team. Debbie, your work has been amazing and we are very grateful to have you on board. Thank you for bringing motivation and energy to the office every morning at 8am. - Mari

Yep, we have 2 exceptional Debbies! Debbie P. celebrates her 1 year anniversary this month and is critical to ensuring all runs smoothly with our accounting. She is a Hollister native and lives just down the street from the Farm. Her enviable two minute commute is free and clear each morning! She loves to hike - you might spot her on Mt. Madonna. She is the proud mother of her 22 year old son and has a full house with two dogs and two cats.

If you catch Debbie reaching for her favorite dried apricot snack it’ll be the Royal Medallion, and she enjoys the family atmosphere that she is a part of at B & R Farms.

Rosa: Shipping Superstar

Rosa's honesty, humbleness, and drive to complete a job fully is what every company wishes for in a team member. She handles the shipping department as if each and every package were being delivered to her. Rosa, we are so appreciative of your hard work, but of equal importance cherish your character and the positive impact you have on others. Because of your relentless dedication, we know you will master anything. Thank you! - Mari

Rosa has been a stellar part of our team for 8 years and is essential to ensuring our operational success each day. She too is a Hollister local, having lived in the town for 22 years. She and her husband have two children - a son and daughter - and Rosa is sure to light up if you ask her about her sweet granddaughter. She is crafty in many ways, and enjoys making beautiful bracelets.

Her favorite season on the Farm is Christmas (lucky for us, because she works particularly hard to add that cozy holiday feel!) and she really likes the people she works with each day. Her favorite way to enjoy apricots? Cream cheese topped with Red Pepper Topping with a cup of Apricot Tea made with B & R Farms Frozen Apricot Puree. She knows how it's done!

Rick: First-Class Foreman

Rick brings energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and responsibility to everything he does. Through his ability to multi-task and his strong leadership skills, he ensures B & R Farms delivers only top-quality Blenheim apricots. He has played a role in nearly every aspect of our farming, never hesitating to offer a helping hand and see a job through. Rick, thank you not only for continuously improving our operations, but for all the good memories - like when you couldn't crack the bottle of champagne at the opening of our new cutting facility! -Mari

We can hardly remember a time when Rick couldn’t be found on the Farm making us all chuckle with his sense of humor. His father worked at B & R Farms for over 40 years, and Rick often tagged along for summer work as a teen, becoming a full-time member of the team 26 years ago. He’s a mechanical magician and ensures everything gets built and runs smoothly.

Rick grew up just across the street and now lives in downtown Hollister. His family is full and getting fuller, with four kids, three grandkids, and one on the way. Cars are his thing and he works on them nearly every spare minutes he gets.

Rick’s favorite time on the Farm is the summer, when he can eat a fresh apricot right out of hand. If you stop by, you’re likely to see Rick on the forklift making sure everything gets where it needs to go!

Let us be grateful for the people who make us smile, keep us sane, make work fun - the people we can count on to get the dang job done!