Royal Medallions - Slip Pit Dried Apricots


Also known as "Slip Pits," this labor-intensive top of the line grade apricot was dried whole with only the pit slipped out.  This process results in the richest flavor, the perfect texture, and the highest of quality of all of our dried apricots. Royal Medallions make for the perfect dessert or even an instant snack.

Available in 8 oz., 1 lb., 4 lb. resealable bags and 25 lb. bulk cases. 

Made with sun-dried Blenheim apricots. No sugar added dried fruit!

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Blenheim Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. 

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Depth 3.00
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Royal Medallions get the gold medal....

Have never been fan of dried apricots UNTIL I found B & R farms. I ordered all 3 of the dried apricot varieties and as expected the royal medallions knocked it out of the park, was the favorite of the 3. Soft and flavorful. I crave them every day so now have started buying the 4 # bags (which is little bit of a deal).
Posted by Gracie, 16th Oct 2021

Royal Medallion dried apricots

This order is the best I've ever tasted. I grew up on my grandparents ranch in San Jose and cut apricots. Your quality by the sulfur method is still my favorite. Please start selling in Phoenix.
Posted by Kathy Allasia, 25th Aug 2021

Outstanding product. Get yours.

A friend referred me to B&R Farms' apricots. I had been ambivalent to apricots in the past, but she urged me to try them and I'm thrilled I did! They are so incredibly delicious! They're moist, bursting with flavor and perfect as a dessert sub. I'm happy. Thank you!
Posted by Jennifer, 12th Jun 2021

Royal Medallions - slip pit dried apricots

Simply the best dried apricots I've ever tasted. I originally had these apricots as part of a cheese plate at another location. Immediately tracked them down and bought them by the bag full.
Posted by Robin M, 26th May 2021

Royal medallions

So delicious first time i tried these will definitely buy again
Posted by Charles A Barron, 29th Apr 2021

Slip-pitted apricots

Good quality; not as sweet as I expected...more tart than sweet.
Posted by D Hansen, 14th Apr 2021

Blenheim apricots

These dried apricots taste like the apricots of my childhood. I wish I could buy them when they're fresh, but the dried ones are fabulous! They're my new snack "candy." Thank you so much for growing these!
Posted by Lois Gerard, 3rd Mar 2021

Slip Pit Apricots

I am a long time B&R customer and love all their products but especially the slip-pit dried apricots. I rehydrate them and keep them in a container in my refrigerator and snack on them whenever I open the refrigerator door...they are irresistible.
Posted by Floyd Boyer, 26th Feb 2021

Amazing Product

I've been searching for apricots to replicate my late grandmothers apricot jam recipe. The royal apricots were perfect! Thank you for providing us with the flavor that brings back so many amazing memories.
Posted by Elizabeth Gonzalez, 17th Jan 2021