Royal Medallions - Slip Pit Dried Apricots


Also known as "Slip Pits," this labor-intensive top of the line grade apricot was dried whole with only the pit slipped out.  This process results in the richest flavor, the perfect texture, and the highest of quality of all of our dried apricots. Royal Medallions make for the perfect dessert or even an instant snack.

Available in 8 oz., 1 lb., 4 lb. resealable bags and 25 lb. bulk cases. 

Made with sun-dried Blenheim apricots. No sugar added dried fruit!

DRIED APRICOT INGREDIENTS: California Blenheim Apricots, Sulfur Dioxide*

 *We believe dried fruit should smell and taste like fruit, not sulfur! We use only enough to maintain color and juicy freshness. 

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Royal Medallions

These are the absolute best dried apricots ever. I have loved the taste of dried apricots for so many years but this particular one is sweet, moist and yet still has the lingering taste of a dried apricot. If you love apricots, you should try these.
Posted by Annette H, 17th Apr 2024

Royal Medallions

There is no sweeter, more flavorful, chewable and delicious dried apricot in the world than the Royal Medallions from B&R. I have been buying them so happily, and giving as gifts, for what 35 years? No other dried apricot from any source (and I have tried them all over the world) comes close.
Posted by Tim Savinar, 8th Apr 2024

Blenheim dried apricots

Delicious. Tender, with just enough texture. Nothing like those poor dried apricots at the local supermarket.
Posted by Virginia Miller, 22nd Feb 2024

Slip pulled apricots

Delicious and so beautiful!
Posted by Bonnie Carroll, 5th Feb 2024

Please send more information.

These apricots are a treasure, and I am buying the 25 pound to divvy up and wrap for smaller, individual gifts. I would love to have printed copies of the type and story of the "endangered" apricot to send with the gift.
Posted by Agnes Clark, 9th Dec 2023

Absolutely worth the extra cost!

These "whole" apricots are worth every penny, and more! Sweet, scrumptious, treats for the mouth! We will definitely be ordering again!
Posted by Peggy, 14th Jun 2022

split-pit dried apricots

These are delicious and I eat four a day at breakfast. B&R Farms has been my goto source for my apricots because of their devotion to quality.
Posted by Floyd Boyer, 9th May 2022

Blenheim apricots

The dried Blenheim apricots from B & R Farms are the best tasting Apricots I've had from anywhere for a very long time. They taste like how dried apricots should taste, they're both sweet, tart, and easy to chew.
Posted by Dale Wiesinger, 8th Apr 2022


B&R dried apricots are unsurpassed. They are the standard by which all dried fruit should be judged. Even my poodle likes them.
Posted by Walter Matera, 20th Jan 2022