​Apricots are amazing

Apricots are amazing for so many reasons including the fact that they provide some great health benefits. First of all, Apricots are high in fiber. That means they ensure regularity, reduce cholesterol, and boost digestive health. Apricots are also full of antioxidants and are very nutritious wh
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​It’s Blenheim Season!

Yes, it is that time of year again where the Blenheim Apricots are ripe for picking! Even though the season for these delicate little beauties is rather short, B&R Farms is working at full force to bring our consumers the best of the best.Whenever we get the chance to connect with our customers,
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Easter Dinner at Home

During these difficult times, like many of you, we are still planning a delicious Easter Dinner at home with our family. At B & R Farms, our shipping department is open and eager to help get your gourmet Easter menu packed, shipped and delivered to your home. As you begin to plan your Easter m
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