Ag Woman of The Year: Past and Present Honorees

“I didn’t have a clue! I was just so honored and speechless.” This is how Mari recounts what it was like to receive the Agricultural Woman Of The Year award in 2012. This past Friday, Mari had the opportunity to attend Ag Against Hunger’s 25th annual luncheon along with past honorees. B & R
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It's Apricot Orchard Pruning Time!

It's pruning time! While the Blenheim apricot harvest season may be short, it takes preparation all year long to yield a bountiful orchard. Four generations of apricot farming have taught us when and how to prune to best care for the orchard and maximize delicious fruit growth. During an early morni
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Preserving the Exception - The Blenheim Apricot

The sun is shining bright on B & R Farms as our 2018 harvest is coming to an end. This year’s crop has been picked, washed and cut, and dried under the sun for your soon-to-be unbeatable Blenheim enjoyment! As a part of this year’s mission, we’re working on something new. Something we hope will brin
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