Earth Day

Hey – It has been sometime since my last posting and wanted to bring you up to date on the happening here at B & R Farms. Easter hopped in and hopped out. Our rain yesterday came and went and now we have beautiful California Skies. The trees are waking up and are starting to show the
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As Spring arrives, we can see the Blossoms beginning to take shape on the Apricot Trees and know that the 2018 Harvest will be here in 3-4 months. 
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Flash Frozen Apricot Puree

Need a new beverage to either warm you up or cool you down? How about some Flash Frozen Apricot Puree? The versatility of our Puree in either a warm Apricot Tea or a refreshing Smoothie, you decide based on where you are located for either Hot or Cold. Some other great notes on our Puree is t
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