B & R Farms Labor Day Road Trip Essentials

Be sure to take advantage of the last bit of sun during Labor Day Weekend with an end of summer road trip! B & R Farms put together a list of our favorite road trip essentials to pack for any vacation that will keep the entire family happy.Bake some Scones the night before Blend som
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As a low-GI food, apricots help regulate your blood sugar.

Dear Friends,Did you know?Apricots' are sweet and have a delicate flavor, as well as their impressive nutrient content, makes them a worthwhile addition to your diet. They come loaded with beneficial vitamin A, and also provide considerable amounts of vitamin C, potassium, copper and manganese
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B & R Farms featured on California Bountiful

During the 85th anniversary of B & R Farms, California Bountiful released a new video this year featuring a behind the scene look at this 5 generation family owned and operated Blenheim apricot farm in Hollister.
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